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May match at Promontory Point

SHOOTOUT AT PROMONTORY   MAY 22ND 2021Howdy Gunfighters Good Morning                    Howdy, We all are back from the California State and Western Territorial much thanks to the Sundowners and the Cowboys for putting on a fantastic match. The Promontory Point Posse and the Eagle Rock Outlaws teamed up to put on a heck of a show as far as participation and placements.  It was a great Venue we had 4 ranges set up with 6 targets at each range, we had a unity pot shoot on Thursday, and Friday we had the California State match all in one day using the Last Man Standing 4x format with an amazing silent auction and wonderful  homemade Chili Verde dinner afterwards.  Saturday we started the Western Territorial and the match wet smooth as can be the whole day, That night we played poker and gave away more prizes and enjoyed a Meal of Tri-Tip and grilled Chicken with sides all this was included in your entry fee. This was a great conducted shoot and it was great to be able to go Coast to Coast. I am looking forward to it again.  Our May Match will take place annually in honor of the anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad completion.This will be an Non CFDA sanctioned match CFDA points will not be awarded. Plan on shooting all day it is difficult to change rosters if we have a bunch of people leave halfway thru the match,  Obvioulsy if there is a emergency this does not apply. POINT, Utah, was the site of the dramatic completion, on 10 May 1869, of the first transcontinental railroad, which linked the Union Pacific on the east and the Central Pacific on the west. A giant crowd gathered to witness the final ceremonies. The Posse will be hosting our monthly match for May, Shootout At Promontory for our monthly match. Please spread the word This will be a great Warm up for the Great Northwest Territorial  the following weekend.  I know Schedules are tight and many folks will be helping set up the GNTC in Idaho, but please do your best to try and attend this match. PRIZESWe will be presenting a MOLLYs Custom buckle for Men and Ladies First place, as well as Custom made knives for 2nd and 3rd, payouts for more placements possible.  Not being sure how many if any youngsters will be there we do have some prizes for them as well.  We are looking at around a 500$ prize pot for this match. We will have a 150th anniversary Pocket watch for raffle, as well as some other prizes.   ******Due to this hopefully temporary set back the club will charge for the use of club ammo unless it is your first time shooting they are still FREE. The cost of club ammo will be $5.00 this will include ammo for the whole day. Hopefully we can keep it at this cost but if the market price of primers still goes on the rise we might be forced to raise it.************ If you are new and this is your first time there is no cost for you, if you are a seasoned shooter and you bring a new shooter it is free for them and free for you.  For new shooters we have guns,holsters, ammo have no fear we have you covered.  This is a fun family friendly sport there are lots of folks out there willing to help new shooters.  Also please feel free to bring the youngsters this is a good time for them to learn. If you are a brand new shooter please show up a little early so we can get you fitted with a holster and get your weapon picked out and go over some basics for the match.  If you have any questions beforehand please let me know. I will be bringing a couple of heaters, feel free to bring your own also if you like.  FOOD:      BA and SlowPoke will probably be bringing Pork or chicken,  please feel free to experiment with some of that awesome food I know ya'll can make. We would love to try it. We will not be stopping for lunch as we will probably be busy shooting.  ****** If you are a new shooter do your best to dress Cowboy or Cowgirl.  We will be lenient CFDA & CLUB MEMBERSHIPS Hopefully this year we will be having a solid year of shooting and we will finally be offering a club membership. SlowPoke will have all this information for you when you sign up on Saturday.  I have a limited (3) number of full ready to go CFDA packets for you if you would like to sign up, it comes with all the membership things CFDA offers to include your Badge. Fill out the packet and I will send it in for you.Desert Dingo has been running a prize table. Last month he had awesome homemade key chain fobs for us. Looking forward to what will happen this month. Mandatory Dress: MEN and Boys: Long pants, leather shoes, long sleeve shirt, and cowboy hat.  You must wear your hat while shooting and for any award pictures. LADIES and young ladies: Long pants or other dress to cover your legs, leather shoes, long or short sleeve shirt, Hats are optional. ALL: Everyone must wear safety glasses on the range. Hearing protection is required for anyone age 18 and younger. Suggested for everyone. Remember that establishing your cowboy/cowgirl persona is part of the allure of the game. You can start with the basics and build your wardrobe. You can find lots of pictures on the CFDA website and on Facebook. Look for the groups: Cowboy Fast Draw Society: Virginia Peacemakers: Grandview Gunslingers: Cowboy Pickers: Snake River Gunslingers: and Cowboy Fast Draw Duds N Dress Forum. In Cowboy Fast Draw we dress the part. Imagine the person you would be in the time period from 1873-1899. Your imagination is the limit, from traditional B Western, Modern Cowboy, and even SteamPunk. Guns, ammo and holsters will be available. Your first match is free. Remember.... Try Before You Buy!!   If you bring your own equipment it will need to be inspected to ensure it meets CFDA guidelines. You can find all equipment rules and requirements on MATCH TIMELINE: SET UP: 8-9 AM REGISTRATION:   9-10 AM SAFETY MEETING: 9:45-10:00AM MATCH START:   10 AM:  CLEAN UP: Immediately following the match. MATCH FORMAT: We are going to attempt to do a 4x match with a top 7 shoot off Men and Ladies separateWe will shoot at 21' on 24 in targets Cost of match will be  $20.00 for all shooters as this will be considered a special eventSIDE POTS will not be done this match as we will have raffles to do Friends and family are encouraged to come and watch and take pictures  as well as try it out. If you have any questions or comments  please contact me B.A.   540-314-7300 utahfastdraw@gmail.comwww.fastdrawutah.comLOCATION: WEBER COUNTY SPORTS SHOOTING COMPLEX 2446  RULON WHITE BLVD OGDEN UT    84404 See Ya down the trail B.A. & SlowPoke; Promontory Point Posse

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